Will You be the TOP Marketer?

May 11

Now is the perfect time to invite friends, family, even strangers, to transform their health! With the MFIT Challenge starting for new participants May 16th, it’s time to get the word out!

Become our May Top MFIT Marketer

One of the best ways to share the Challenge is with the MFINITY Marketing App. You’ve got videos, pdfs, website links, and more just a tap away. Best of all, the App will notify you when your tool is viewed! Over 85% of content shared via sms (texting) via the App is looked at.

With our App being such a fantastic tool to share the Challenge, MFINITY is running a Marketing Challenge May 11-16th, where you can be crowned a Top MFIT Marketer!

How it works

Share MFIT content via the MFINITY Marketing App from now through May 16th with as many contacts as you can. Be sure to follow up with them when they view it and ask what they thought and if they have any questions. Then ask them if they are ready to join your MFIT team and start transforming their life.

The top person who shares the most and the top person who personally enrolls the most new MFIT Participants (with starter pack), will both be crowned our May MFIT Top Marketers!

They will receive special recognition via the blog and MFINITY Live in addition to a $25 MFINITY Gift Certificate.

We will also be drawing 5 the names of other individuals who participants who share from May 11-16th. Get one entry into the drawing each time you share, and 10 entries every time you enroll a new Participant with a Starter Pack. Each name drawn will also receive a $25 MFINITY Gift Certificate!


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