Timelesspack Webpage Announcement

February 18

We’re excited to announce a new tool we’ve created to help our Mfluencers spread the word and make even more sales on the Timeless Box! On the MFINITY website each Mfluencer has their own Timeless Box page under name.mymfinityglobal.com/timeless, where ‘name’ is the first name of the Mfluencer. Linking this page sends potential customers directly to the Mfluencer’s store and signs them up as a customer when they complete their first order.

This page is a great resource when you can send someone a direct link, but it can be difficult to remember the URL when you’re talking to someone over the phone or they hear it over the radio. That’s where our new tool comes in. When you need people to easily remember how to get the Timeless Page you can now send them straight to www.timelesspack.com.

When you send someone to www.timelesspack.com it takes them to a page that looks just like the Timeless Page on your MFINITY site, but when they click on ‘buy now’ it will ask them for a promo code. The promo code they should use is your (the Mfluencer’s) first name, and when they enter it they get a discount on the Timeless Box and are signed up as your customer, just like through the MFINITY Global page.

This is a great new method that helps to simplify guiding potential customers to the Timeless Box, and we encourage you to watch the video above to get even more information on this new tool.


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