My hair feels thicker

I sat in on one of the zoom meeting on March 4, 2021, to see what products was being offered. The only thing I saw I would try is the MFinity oil, in which I purchased.

This is a little of my testimony before buying and using the oil, I tried other products one did help a little it gave my hair a nice healthy look. I even went to a salon to get my hair locked or twisted and treated, the hair stylist turned me away saying he could not do anything with it, that really made me feel terrible on the inside. Then my hair began to come out more and I started wearing wigs because I began to be ashamed of the thinning hair and bald spots. I even got a little depress because my hair was long at one point in time and my husband was feeling bad and said he would pay for me to go to the Hair Clinic to see if he could help with my hair growth.

I was putting the oil directly in my hair (not in the conditioner) in the morning and before going to bed, also, using a scalp massager and my hair begin to thicken and the bald spots are going away. Now I am not ashamed to go without a wig. So many of my co-workers and friends have commented on how well my hair is looking and I am thankful for the meeting and I will continue to use the Mfinity oil in hopes that my hair continues to improve, and I will be healthier.

Darlene B.

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