Summer Rally – How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes

June 3

As you’ve been building your business and adding to your income, you’ve almost certainly made mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, but learning to avoid the biggest ones can save you time, money, and will help you to achieve your goals with fewer setbacks.

Special guest Ray Higdon will be talking at the Summer Rally about many of the biggest mistakes that people make in this business and what we can do to avoid them. Coming from years of personal experience, Ray has figured out how to sidestep pitfalls and focus on the things that work best, and he’ll be sharing it all at the Summer Rally so you can increase your effectiveness and see even greater results.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for the Summer Rally yet be sure to take advantage of the early bird discount before it ends! For more information on the summer rally visit the Summer Rally page on the MFINITY website.


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