Submit Your Results Now!

December 20

Can you believe it? The end of the Fall 2021 MFIT Challenge is right around the corner! What an incredible couple of months we’ve had working together to achieve our goals and become more fit. We’re so excited for the positive changes that many of you have experienced, and we hope that each of you will continue to let the things you’ve learned become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

As we wrap up the MFIT Challenge it’s important that we recognize each one of you for the incredible things you’ve accomplished. In order for everyone to be recognized and receive their medal there are two things that each individual needs to complete before Thursday, the 23rd:

Check you check-ins
Double-check your submitted weekly check-ins by going to the MFIT Leaderboard, clicking on ‘All Participants’, searching your name, and clicking on ‘More Details’. If you missed a check-in there’s still time to submit it, just make sure to put the appropriate date along with your numbers for that week. If a check-in you submitted isn’t showing up or if you think there’s been a mistake please reach out to MFIT support at for help.

Submit your final results
Once you’ve made sure you have all of your check-ins updated, submit your final results with the link under ‘Challenge Resources’ on the leaderboard page. This will show us how far you’ve come so we can recognize you for all the hard work you’ve put in and award you your medal. Please make sure to do this before the 29th so we have time to put your recognition together.

We’re so proud of each one of you and we’re excited to see you again in the next challenge. If you have any questions about anything you need to do before December 23rd please reach out to the MFIT support team at and they’ll be happy to help you. 


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