See What’s New in 2022!

December 22

What a year it’s been! With 2022 right around the corner, we want to finish 2021 strong by hearing from some of our amazing coaches and leaders. On Dec 31st we’re having a company-wide call where we’ll be recognizing all the incredible achievements from this past year as well as giving you a glimpse of what 2022 has to offer.

Did you participate in the 2021 Fall MFIT Challenge? You’ll want to be here as we announce our challenge winners and recognize everyone who overcame obstacles and hit their goals. Everyone who submitted their final MFIT results will be recognized, so make sure your results are in by Thursday, December 23.

We’re already busy preparing for the next MFIT Challenge and we’ll be going over some exciting updates for our 2022 New You campaign. We’ll also be sharing some important business updates so be sure to take notes so you can be ready to take your business to new heights next year!


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