Reduced Rank Requirements for June!

June 17

It’s time to Rally your Rank in June! This promo helps you achieve your Rank and even get our fabulous NEW Recognition and Rank Gifts when you advance. Achieve the rank of Sapphire or higher with reduced rank GQV requirements through June!

Rank recognition and gifts are available for all Mfluencers who advance to their highest rank in 2022.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sapphire – (2500 1750 GQV) Sapphire Rank Pin
  • Ruby – (7500 5000 GQV) Ruby Rank Pin & MFINITY Messenger Bag
  • Emerald – (25,000 15,000 GQV) Emerald Rank Pin & MFINITY Watch
  • Diamond – (75,000 50,000 GQV) Diamond Rank Pin & Diamond Jacket
  • Blue Diamond – (200,000 100,000 GQV) Blue Diamond Rank Pin & Blue Diamond Gift (TBA)
  • Black Diamond – (500,000 250,000 GQV) Black Diamond Rank Pin & Black Diamond Gift (TBA)


Sue highest paid rank in 2022 is Sapphire. Sue achieves the rank of Emerald with reduced GQV of 15,000 in June. She receives both her Ruby Recognition and Messenger Bag, plus Emerald Recognition and MFINITY Watch. 

With our new Timeless Box, MFIT New You Challenge, and Mfluencer program, there has never been a better time to grow your MFINITY Business! We can’t way to recognize you at your next rank!

* Note: Promotional group qualifying volume (GQV) requirements do not apply to one-time rank up bonuses or monthly lifestyle bonuses. These bonuses are only paid from regular Rank GQV requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have been paid at a rank in March, and I achieve it again in June, do I receive the new recognition and rank gift?

A: No, this promotion is for Mfluencers who achieve their highest rank in 2022.

Q: If I get paid at two higher ranks, do I receive recognition and gifts for both. Like if I advance from Coral to Ruby?

A: Yes! You would receive Sapphire Recognition with Ruby Recognition and Messenger Bag


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