President’s Club Promo

April 22

Did you hear? We’ve just announced an April President’s Club Promotion!

The President’s Club is an exclusive group of MFINITY’s elite leaders and business builders who enjoy insider access, monthly recognition, and other exciting member benefits. (Find out more about The President’s Club here)

In April, you can now become an inaugural member of the Club with only 10% GQV growth OR by achieving MTP Bronze! (Find out more about MFINITY Top Producers or MTPs here)

But that’s not all! We also announced that all Mfluencers who enroll 3 new Starter Packs in April, will receive DOUBLE Starter Pack bonuses too!

Starter packs are one of the best ways to grow your Mfluencer business. Not only to they provide a great value for your new Customers, they also pay up to $175 in Fast Starts to the enroller. Doubled, that’s up to $350 per Starter Pack!

Details: Double Fast Start Bonuses will be paid to Mfluencers who have 3 newly enrolled customers or Mfluencers who purchase Starter Packs in April. The Double Fast start is paid to the enroller of the Starter Pack. Other Fast Start bonuses (such as Level 2 and 3) are paid at standard amounts.


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