Newly Updated MFIT Weekly Tracker

April 15

Getting ready to start the new MFIT Challenge? Then you’ll need our updated MFIT Weekly Tracker!

We’ve updated the tracker so you can discover your weekly MFIT Score. This score, out of 100, is a quick representation of your healthy habits during the week. The closer the score is to 100, the better!

The MFIT Challenge combines the 5 pillars of health with connecting to a supportive community and team.

  1. SUPPLEMENT with high quality nutrition
  2. HYDRATE with healthy beverages
  3. FUEL with convenient balanced meals
  4. EXERCISE with Owen and Kristy
  5. SLEEP and recover every day

Participants follow the tracker each week to maximize their health transformation and to collect individual and team points. At the end of the week, participants complete the weekly Check In form to report their progress from the tracker.

The Weekly Tracker can be downloaded from the MFIT Challenge Leaderboard under the Resources menu.


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