New Tool – MFIT System Overview & MFIT Life Guide

January 7

We have a new tool to help you share the basics of the MFIT Challenge with your friends and family. These documents contain important information to help everyone use all of the available MFIT resources.

System Overview Guide
The MFIT Program has been designed with systems to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This overview reviews the foundational systems of the MFIT Challenge in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format with direct links to workouts that’s easy to share.

MFIT Life Guide
As part of Mfinity Global, you have access to the MFIT life web community – your source for MFIT friendly recipes, meal plans, and creative ideas for your new MFIT life! This guide is designed to help individuals through the setup process so they can get started with all of these incredible resources.

You can download these the PDF for these documents in the Back Office Library, the MFIT Share app, and under the resources tab on the MFIT Leaderboard.


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