NEW Rank-Up Bonus

October 27

Would you like to add up to $38,5000 to your income? With MFINITY, as you rank up, you now get paid even more!

Starting this month,* earn a bonus of $1,000 up to $20,000 as you achieve a new rank and maintain it for two consecutive calendar months. If you earn all bonuses, that’s an additional $38,500 on the table for you!

  • Ruby: $1,000
  • Emerald: $2,500
  • Diamond: $5,000
  • Blue Diamond: $10,000
  • Black Diamond: $20,000

Where do I start? Simple! All newly enrolled Ambassadors start at IBA, but existing Ambassadors will start the program based upon their recent rank history. To figure out your starting point, just take a look at your highest Paid-As rank since June 2021, that’s it!

Example: If your lifetime rank is Emerald, but your highest Paid-As rank since June is Ruby, then Ruby is your starting point. Simply re-achieve and maintain the rank of Emerald for two consecutive months, and you’ll get paid a $2,500 bonus!

Download the recently updated Comp Plan Chart in your Back Office Library.

*Paid as ranks for October 2021 and forward count for this promotion. Previous months’ Paid as ranks only count for determining your bonus starting rank.


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