December 31

Looking for some extra Cash? The NEW MFLUENCER program makes it simple to share MFINITY products with others. Plus, you can earn $50 every time someone purchases a new Timeless Box!

Watch the Announcement Call (MFLUENCER section starts at 33:00 min).

Here’s how it works

1. Become an MFLUENCER by purchasing a MFINITY Timeless Box

All current Ambassadors can be paid as MFLUENCERS already. New MFLUENCERs will actually sign up as an Ambassador by purchaseing the Welcome & Tools Kit and the Timeless Box. During check out, the cost of the Welcome Kit ($49.95) will be discounted to $0. Total cost for MFLUENCER signup is $99.95)

2. Receive and Share your Timeless Box

Once you receive your Timeless Box, share yourself opening it and using the tools. You can share this via social media, texting videos to friends and families, email, etc. Periodically share the results you are experiencing from the products (better skin, better energy, reduced scaring, etc).

3. Invite others to get their Timeless Box at your webpage

All Ambassadors and MFLUENCERS have a replicating Timeless webpage at [username] Customers who purchase through that page initiate commissions to the owner (Ambassdor/MFLUENCER) of that page.

4. Receive $50 for ever Timeless Box purchased

Commission on the Timeless Box pay $50 to the Ambassador/MFLUENCER of the customer, paid the weekly. An additional 25 QV and 19 BV pays out on each Box through the MFINITY Compensation system.


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