New Mfluencer Launch Flyer

February 9

We’re back with another new business building tool! Energy levels have been extra high since the beginning of this new year, and so has our growth! Our incredible Mfluencers are sharing this opportunity with more and more people, and many new individuals have been joining our ranks.

The tool we want to introduce today is a simple checklist that new Mfluencers can go through to ensure that they’ve got everything they need to get started with their new business. We encourage each of you, as you enroll new Mfluencers, to go through this checklist with them to help them understand each part and answer any questions they may have.

This flyer specifically goes over the details of the Timeless Box, and we’ll have another tool ready soon that goes over the details of how to get started building a team. You can find the flyer in your Back Office and the MFINITY Share app, and you can also download it with the link below.

Mfluencer Launch Flyer Download


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