New and Updated MFINITY Training Materials

February 8

We’re well on our way into 2022 and we’re seeing some incredible growth and excitement all throughout MFINITY. Mfluencers are learning new skills and growing their businesses like never before, our leaders have been producing excellent new training and motivational materials, the MFIT Challenge is booming, and we’ve created several new opportunities to help an increasing number of individuals become more successful.

As part of our push to help everyone create bigger, more profitable businesses, we’ve been hard at work updating and creating all-new business training PowerPoints. These updates and new tools are designed to make presenting this amazing business opportunity easier and more straightforward. Check them out with the links below!

These PowerPoint trainings are also available in your Back Office, and we encourage you to review them and become familiar with the updates and new trainings.

Keep up the great work everyone!


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