Mfluencer Virtual Summit

March 11

Big things are happening at MFINITY! We have a virtual summit coming up to showcase some of our best products, the science behind Muscadine, and how MFINITY is helping people from all over to achieve their physical and financial goals. 

During the event we’ll hear from some of MFINITY’s best leaders and trainers, including Dr. Stephen Talcott, Fitness expert Krysti Kaminski, and leading Mfluencers in the company. This training will be packed with useful information about products and will feature training on how to to make the most of your MFINITY business. 

The Virtual Summit is also a fantastic way to introduce others to MFINITY and our mission. Who do you know who wants to take charge of their health with the world’s best antioxidant? Maybe you know someone who could use a little extra cash in their pocket. If so, invite them to join you on Saturday, March 19th to see everything MFINITY has to offer!

The event will be broadcast LIVE on March 19th at 11am ET, 8am PT on the MFINITY Global Facebook Page. See you there!


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