MFIT Recognition – September 23

September 23

Let’s do some MFIT Recognition! Congratulations to all of our participants who hit the level of Warrior or Champion!

If you’re not on the board yet, don’t worry, just keep up the work you’ve been doing and you’ll reach it in no time! Remember, the MFIT Challenge is designed to help you make lasting changes, so be patient with yourself and never stop moving forward.


Core Health

Melissa Farfan

Fat Loss

Jim Prudhomme


Core Health

Annie Grice
April Harris
Justina Farfan
Nay Vaughan

Fat Loss

Alyson Sharp
Amy Gadbaw
Darla Reinard
M. Darlene Carson
Nancy Basart
Rebecca Darnell
Renea Florey
Sarita Terrell


Julie Dias


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