MFIT Recognition – Fat Loss Winners!

April 15

The 2022 New You MFIT Challenge was a huge success! With the results in we want to recognize our Champions, Medalists, and Warriors for all of their hard work and dedication in staying focused and achieving their goals.

Fat Loss Champions:

Fat Loss Medalists

Charlotte Tweed
Cindy Atwood
Connie Upshur
Dori Miesse
Elena Hawkins
Eyvette Turner
Frances Lundy
Gaston Finney II
Hokulani Fritz
Holly Reed Sturgon
Janet Smith
Jayne Kashiwaeda
Jim Prudhomme
Judy Marshall
Julie Lewis
Kendra Lancaster
Kimberly Hines
Kris Cabreira
Louis Whiters
Mary Francella
Melissa Farfan
Michele Brady
Michele Ota
Nay Vaughan
Nikki Harris
Pamela Bruley
Paul Russo
Samantha McDonald
Sarita Terrell
Shirley Green
Sue Forsberg
Susan Browning
Suzie Russo
Tarisha Pittman
Teresa cooper
Tessa Kauffman
Tracey Murphy
Voni Bowman
Wendy Olinger

Financial Focus Warriors:

Aime Van Zandt
Alysa Vigus
Brenda Hughes
Brenda Vinson
Claudette Noble
Colleen Mati
Connie Rolfe
Darla Reinard
Debra Sandidge
Elba Plaza
Elizabeth Gray
Gail Volpe
Idamay wheat
Janelle Jones
Jen Pierson
Joan Vilate
Julie Stratton
Karen Cole
Kimberly Myers
Marcy Owens
Mariko Imamura-Caires
Nancy Basart
Pamela Anderson
Pilah DeJesus
Regina Smith
Sharron Hewitt
Shelby Loo
Shellie Cholke
Stacey Harris
Tammy Garcia
Tim Harris
Tracy Biehl
Veronica Boston


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