MFINITY Product Clips

May 6

We have new tools designed to help you share the power of MFINITY’s world-class products and increase your customer base.

As an Mfluencer, you’ve used MFINITY’s products long enough to fall in love with them (we can’t blame you, most people can’t go back to anything else once they’ve tried them).

But what’s the best way to share your love of these products with others? How do you show people how amazing they are before they’ve been able to try them?

We have a lineup of short product videos designed to do just that. Recorded by product expert, Todd Smith, they feature how each product helps individuals of all age to live at their healthiest.

These new videos are available now on the MFINITY Youtube channel as well as on the MFINITY Marketing App, making it easy to share while you’re out and about. To find them on the App, click “see all” under the Product Resources section.

Check out these videos today!


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