MFINITY Marketing App & Success Plan

February 9

As we continue to grow into this new year, we want everyone who joins our amazing community to feel confident in their ability to create results and see success in their business. This new flyer is designed to help new Mfluencers understand two essential steps to starting their business.

Mfluencer Marketing App
The essential MFINITY app that you’re all familiar with. This part of the flyer goes through all the basic features of the app and how they can be used to help Mfluencers stay organized and maximize their efforts.

MFINITY Marketing Success Plan
The first steps to growing your business. Consistency is the key to success, and these steps outline the daily and weekly habits that every new Mfluencer should be working to establish. The included graphic helps to visualize the flow of events that typically accompany working with new prospects.

We encourage you to go through this flyer with those you enroll to help them become familiar with the MFluencer Marketing App and to show them the steps they can take to begin to grow their business. This flyer can be found in your Back Office and on the MFINITY Share App, and you can also download it from the link below.

Mfluencer Marketing App & Success Plan Download


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