Last Week to Finish Strong!

March 28

Can you believe we’ve made it this far already? The 2022 New You MFIT Challenge is almost over, and many of you have seen incredible results. You’ve earned your victories through your hard work and dedication, but don’t stop now! Now is the time to push through and give it everything you’ve got.

With the 2022 New You MFIT Challenge coming to a close we also want to remind everyone to review their check-ins on the leaderboard. If you or anyone on your team are missing check-ins there’s still time to go through and fill them in for full points. Just be sure to put the correct date for the week you’re filling in.

We are so proud of each of you for all you’ve accomplished. Remember, the work doesn’t end when the challenge is over. The habits you’ve developed are the key to a healthy, active lifestyle, even after the challenge ends. Keep up the great work!


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