Welcome to the Kannaway Family!

We told you BIG THINGS WERE COMING TO MFINITY! At long last, they’re here. Unfortunately, growing bigger and getting better requires change. We know that even tiny changes can be unsettling, which is why we put this page together for you. You’ll see that what looks like a change is really just a shift, from the gear you’re in, to a higher one! Bringing you more amazing products and greater opportunity faster than ever! If you get stuck anywhere, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ambassador support at support@mfinityglobal.com, or dial 801-679-4792 for guidance.


10/4/22 - SmartShip (Autoship) Profiles

RE: SmartShip (Autoship) profiles. All Autoship profiles have been imported from Mfinity Global system into Kannaway system, however, not all stored payment information was transportable. Once you login to your Back Office, please confirm your SmartShip cart and payment information. If you’re not able to do so, no worries, one of our support staff members will reach out to you directly following your SmartShip processing date.

Also, please note that if your SmartShip order includes any product packs, the packs will be listed, and may also show the individual items in those packs, making it appear as though you’re ordering twice as much product as you intend. This is simply an artifact in the system and should be corrected before SmartShip orders begin processing on October 6th.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer and Ambassador Support at support@mfinityglobal.com or 801-679-4792.


Watch the Announcement Video

If you attended the BIG THINGS Announcement Call, then you have completed this step. If you have not watched it, you can watch the recording below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Mfinity Global and Kannaway joining forces? Why is Kannaway an excellent fit for You? What are the details? When will this take effect, and how will all this work? Find out answers to these and other frequently asked questions.


Get to know Kannaway

Kannaway is The World's Premier Cannabis Company. As an established leader in the Health and Wellness industry, we are the movement committed to taking action and driving positive global change. Find out more about Kannaway's mission and vision.


Kannaway Back Office Quick Start Guide

Like Mfinity, every Kannaway Distributor enjoys free access to a personalized “Back Office” where you can track every aspect of your business. At corporate, we have many tasks ahead to finish the integration, but rest assured that we will be working diligently to answer your questions and make the back-office transition as smooth as possible. In the meantime, you should have no interruptions in product supply, information, or most importantly, commissions.

As of October, the Mfinity back office will no longer pay commissions (except for those earned in September) and your personal marketing websites will no longer be functional. Fear not, however, your Kannaway back-office and replicated marketing sites have already been created. To avoid URL duplications, however, your replicated site address has been modified with an “MG” prefix. Your distributor ID will remain the same, and you will be able to re-select your website URL in your Kannaway back-office. 

Connect to your new back office:

  • Go to Kannaway.com
  • Click the login link in the upper right corner of the screen. (Be sure that your country selector is correct!)
  • At the login screen, use the following information to get logged in:
  • To avoid any URL or username duplicates, we’ve modified your existing Mfinity URL/Username. Your temporary USERNAME is your Mfinity URL with the prefix MG. Once logged in, you will be able to update your URL/username to one of your choice.
  • Your privacy and security are of top priority. As such, all Mfinity system passwords are encrypted and not transferrable, therefore we have assigned a temporary password to each account. Your temporary PASSWORD has been set accordingly:
    • For Ambassadors, your PASSWORD has been set to your Federal Tax ID number without hyphens.
    • For Customers, your PASSWORD has been set to your 5-digit shipping zip code.
  • Even if not prompted by the system, we encourage you to change your password to one or your choice upon your first login.


Order Your Sample Packs

We’ve put some discounted special product packs together for you to order and enjoy.  You’ll see this highlighted in your Ambassador shopping cart.



Kannaway sends earning payments through I-Payout. With this system, you can receive all of your commissions electronically in the currency of your home country. Use your card like a debit card anywhere that accepts Visa and or Master Card. US distributors can move funds to personal checking or savings account through your I-Payout website. Commissions can also be held in the e-wallet so that you may use these funds to seamlessly purchase products from your own shopping cart without the worry of exchange rates, paying interest, or pesky monthly payments! Once you’re logged in to your new back-office, you’ll see the link to setup your I-Payout account.


Get Connected on Social Media

As we move forward, throughout the month of October, our MFIT Facebook group will be joining the Kannaway family of social media sites, as will others.  We recommend that you remain interacting with Mfinity’s popular groups and pages, but also adding the following to your personal social media community: