Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Mfinity Global and Kannaway joining forces?
Drawing upon the wisdom of the adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…”, Mfinity President, Bill Andreoli, and Kannaway CEO, Blake Schroeder, determined that these organizations together could accomplish much more, years sooner, than either could independently, especially in today’s economic and regulatory climate. Mfinity brings a catalog of globally attractive and competitive products along with a seasoned corporate team, whereas Kannaway, a product pioneer and innovator in hemp-based consumer products, is part of a publicly traded corporation, with an existing global infrastructure. This fortuitous combination instantly provides products that can be marketed internationally, along with the global presence to support it. Not only will this bring refinement to your product offering, it will also enhance your compensation potential and give you increased market presence in the US and bring immediate expansion into Mexico, Japan, South Africa, and the European Union.

2. Why Kannaway?
We could fill pages with all the reasons why Kannaway is a great company for Mfinity and you to partner up with. From Kannaway’s groundbreaking and pioneering work to expand the understanding and therapeutic use of hemp, to its existing global infrastructure, to its powerfully innovative compensation plan… The most important reason of all is that, like Mfinity, Kannaway is just full of good people. Values like clarity, action, relationships, accountability, and Social Responsibility are not just words we use, but words we live by. As you will soon discover, our products and leadership could not mesh more seamlessly than if it was planned from the beginning. In fact, some might say that there may just be a more “grand design” at play.

3. Why is Kannaway an excellent fit for You?
Kannaway is an excellent fit for you because not only is Bill Andreoli filling the role of Kannaway’s President, the corporate and field leadership that you have grown to know and trust is also now a part of the Kannaway team - at the center of one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry today. Furthermore, the Mfinity brand and products that have served you and your customers for years, remain intact and are now ready to ship around the world. As of now, you have a simplified global business-building opportunity, training, and the most powerful recognition system anywhere in the business. The bottom line is that the new alignment of leadership, products, and compensation system, has created the “perfect storm” to cut years, perhaps decades off the time it could take for you to reach your goals.

4. Can You Tell Me More About Kannaway?
A proud member of the US Hemp Authority, Kannaway manufactures and markets some of the world’s most innovative wellness products sourced from the hemp plant, one of the earth’s oldest natural resources. Kannaway is an innovator. There were no non psychoactive products produced from a hemp plant prior to Kannaway’s birth. Kannaway created an entire industry around cannabidiol and has been first to market legal CBD products not only in the U.S., but also in Europe, Mexico, and Japan. In doing so it has literally changed lives around the world, and we can’t wait to explain how. Also, in so doing Kannaway has effectuated positive global chance as it has changed laws around the world so that people can access the benefits of the hemp plant. Kannaway is the movement committed to taking action and driving positive global change. We are proud that you are part of the movement!

For thousands of years, Hemp has been an important crop for civilizations around the world. Unfortunately, during the 20th century, hemp became maligned due to its close association with Marijuana. This has led many people to pre-judge and misunderstand this universally beneficial plant. With countless practical uses, including wellness, nutrition, textiles, and renewable construction materials, Kannaway’s goal has been to reintroduce hemp as an essential part of global commerce and agriculture, and create free access for all. With this goal in mind, Kannaway began their journey to restore hemp’s reputation and return it proudly to the world’s stage.

To wit, Kannaway was a pioneer in legally delivering cannabidiol (CBD) Products across the US and to over three dozen other countries across the globe. With most products manufactured in their own facilities, following the strictest of GMP practices, Kannaway produces the highest quality hemp-based products found anywhere.

5. What are the details?
We understand you will want to explore your new websites, learn about the new products you have available, attend some conference calls, webinars, and meetings to experience Kannaway for yourself. As your family just got bigger, you now have additional resources available that you may not have had before. Some of these benefits are highlighted below:

  • CONTINUITY: During the unification of our teams, there will be no interruption in product ordering, shipping, or commissions. You may continue promoting the Mfinity products that you love and continue building your business, just now with a global footprint and added new and exciting products. We encourage you to continue your marketing activities while learning about the “new to you” systems and training that Kannaway provides.
  • YOUR NEW DISTRIBUTOR BACK-OFFICE: Like Mfinity, every Kannaway Distributor enjoys free access to a personalized “Back Office” where you can track every aspect of your business. Visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for the Back Office Quick Start Guide to get started ASAP. At corporate, we have many tasks ahead to finish the integration, but rest assured that we will be working diligently to answer your questions and make the back-office transition as smooth as possible. In the meantime, you should have no interruptions in product supply, information, or most importantly, commissions.
  • PRODUCTS: You now have access to Kannaway’s and Mfinity’s legacy products in a single shopping cart and back office. We’ve even created some specially priced Kannaway product intro packs so that you may get a deeper than usual discount on Kannaway’s most popular products. Once you log in and activate your updated distributor account, you’ll be up and running. Please visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for specific instructions and how to learn more about any products that you are unfamiliar with.
  • PROMOTIONAL GUIDELINES AND COMMISSION SYSTEM: Kannaway’s promotional guidelines and commission system are in some ways very similar to Mfinity’s, and in other ways very different. The differences can get a little confusing if you let them, but the plan is really quite simple. The key elements are the generous Direct Sales Commission (DSC – like Mfinity’s Fast Start Commission), the 10-level unilevel commissions, and the industry first, Minimum Income Guarantee at the Director Level (roughly equivalent to Jade in the Mfinity system) and higher. We encourage you to learn as you earn because our corporate and field leadership teams have done the best possible job of converting ranks and commission options to provide an equitable transition and prosperous opportunity going forward. If you have any questions about the transition, please email support@kannaway.com 
  • PAYOUT OF COMMISSIONS: Our new system will exclusively pay commissions via a proprietary e-wallet payment system from I-Payout. With this system, you can receive all of your commissions electronically in the currency of your home country. Use your card like a debit card anywhere that accepts Visa and or Master Card. US distributors can move funds to personal checking or savings account through your I-Payout website. Commissions can also be held in the e-wallet so that you may use these funds to seamlessly purchase products from your own shopping cart without the worry of exchange rates, paying interest, or pesky monthly payments! Once you’re logged in to your new back-office, you’ll see the link to setup your I-Payout account. For more information, visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway. 
  • RESOURCES FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Kannaway offers additional resources, including a robust customer service department with live telephone, text, chat, and email support. For office hours and more information on Customer and Ambassador support, see item 14 of this FAQ guide.
  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETS OPEN TO YOU October 3rd: As a Kannaway distributor, you are now a global entrepreneur! We now do business in several countries that will be new to you -- including Mexico, Japan, South Africa, and over 30 other countries. As a Kannaway distributor, you may enroll Independent Distributors and Customers in any country in which we do business. This is all done through Kannaway’s global compensation plan, allowing you to build your business seamlessly around the world that pays you through a single payment system. Some countries are referred to as “OTG,” meaning that we have product “On The Ground” and product distribution is handled locally. Shipments to others are handled via “NFR,” meaning “Not For Resale” – that is, products can only be sold through the US system and shipped directly to the consumer; there is no warehousing or local shipping in country. Please note that not all products are available in all markets. We will announce any updates to our global presence as information becomes available on our weekly LIVE’s, emails, and other media. For more information on building your business internationally, please contact support@kannaway.com.
  • CHARITABLE CAUSES: Kannaway is dedicated to raising awareness and donating funds to great causes, and is proud to support the not-for-profit foundation, Por Grace. Kannaway has raised over $3 million to support over 150 families with the help of CBD. Por Grace, founded in 2016, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families by educating and supporting families around the world on the benefits of CBD. One of the first steps in your journey is to visit the Por Grace website and find out how you can become a part of Kannaway’s mission to drive positive global change. Then take action and make it happen! For more information, please visit https://kannaway.com/pages/por-grace,574.html

6. When will this take effect, and how will all this work?
As of October 3rd, your genealogy will be fully integrated into the updated Kannaway system. That’s not quite as scary as it sounds because Mfinity will maintain your legacy system for some time in the event of any concerns or questions that may pop up. All Mfinity’s popular products are moving over to the Kannaway system, and though the label may change slightly, will retain the Mfinity branding. We’ve already transferred your back office and customer information to Kannaway’s database, so that:

  • Mfinity Global Ambassadors and Customers will not have to "re-sign" any paperwork, pay any additional fees, or do anything to move into the new system, though distributors will need to re-confirm agreement to Kannaway’s Policies & Procedures as well as the website Terms & Conditions. Rank equivalencies and qualifications have been translated and grandfathered so that you will carry your 12-month highest earned rank (Mfinity lifetime rank) and your most recent earned rank and monthly qualifications into the new system. Your ongoing monthly volume will accumulate for October and successive months from there.
  • Auto-ships (now called Smart-Ship) will be adapted from Mfinity’s monthly calendar to Kannaway’s monthly calendar and will be added to your Smart-Ship cart automatically.* Except in a few instances, your Smart-Ship cycle date will remain the same as it is today – the exceptions being the first few days of the month will be aggregated to the 6th of the month, giving those Customers and Ambassadors an opportunity to update their Smart-Ship, should they choose to. Following this initial adjustment(s), your Smart-Ship can be updated at any time through your Smart-Ship shopping cart.

    *Please note that while all Mfinity’s most popular products will continue to be available for sale, some product item numbers and product packages are being modified. Please visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for a full product list, as you may want to modify your Smart-Ship by adding additional products before your new Smart-Ship date.
  • Shipping. Starting in October, your and your customer’s products will begin to ship from Kannaway’s Lindon, Utah warehouse. As products ship, tracking numbers will be emailed directly to the purchaser and appear in your Back Office.
  • All Commissions earned in September will pay through Mfinity’s back-office and checks will be mailed in the usual fashion. Commissions earned in October, however, will be paid through Kannaway’s compensation system. The first pay period will be Saturday, October 1st through Thursday, October 6th, for which commissions will be paid on Thursday, October 13th. Subsequent weekly runs will end on Thursdays and pay out the following Thursday. Monthly commissions are paid on the 15th of the month following. However, you won’t be able to receive Kannaway commissions until you login to your Kannaway Back Office and setup your I-Payout account. Visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for the Back Office Quick Start Guide to get started right away!

7. Will my current personal website address remain the same?
No. As of October, the Mfinity back office will no longer pay commissions (except for those earned in September) and your personal marketing websites will no longer be functional. Fear not, however, your Kannaway back-office and replicated marketing sites have already been created. To avoid URL duplications, however, d replicated site address has been modified with an “MG” prefix. Your distributor ID will remain the same, and you will be able to re-select your website URL in your Kannaway back-office. To login to your new Kannaway back office, you will need to go to www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway. There, you will find the Kannaway Back Office Quick Start Guide.

8. Am I still a Mfinity Ambassador, or will I be considered a Kannaway Ambassador after October 3rd?
As of October 3rd, you will be considered a Kannaway Ambassador but still part of the Mfinity family, something that you can always take pride in. We know that this can be a little bit unsettling, as you’ve poured your heart and soul into your Mfinity business and believe strongly in the Mfinity culture. It will take some time for all of us to adjust to a new name, but Kannaway is a great one with an equally great reputation. Mfinity products, testimonials, and the mission of taking Muscadine to the world are more important than ever! More powerful opportunity, same great people! Over the next few weeks and months, you will see subtle branding changes to product labels, marketing materials, and swag. Before you know it, the Kannaway Nation will capture your heart and mind, just as Mfinity did – and you will be a big part of that!

9. Will my downline remain intact?
Yes. As Kannaway’s hierarchical structure includes both an enroller tree and a placement tree, your upline and downline relationships will be the same as in Mfinity. And even though the details of the specific compensation plans differ, Mfinity Ambassadors’ 12-month lifetime ranks and current paid-as ranks are being translated and transferred to Kannaway’s system to ensure as close an apples-to-apples transition as possible. Even though future commissions are not predictable, most active and dedicated distributors building new customer and distributor legs will see an increase in compensation and get paid faster than ever before!

10. When will I receive my first Kannaway commission?
All Commissions earned in September will pay through Mfinity’s back-office and checks will be mailed in the usual fashion. Commissions earned in October, however, will be paid through Kannaway’s compensation system. The first pay period will be Saturday, October 1st through Thursday, October 6th, for which commissions will be paid on Thursday, October 13th. Subsequent weekly runs will end on Thursdays and pay out the following Thursday. Monthly commissions are paid on the 15th of the month following. However, you won’t be able to receive Kannaway commissions until you login to your Kannaway Back Office and setup your I-Payout account. Visit www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for the Back Office Quick Start Guide to get started right away!

11. How can I learn more and become more deeply involved?
Plug into the Kannaway calls and or contact your Mfinity upline leaders. You are also welcomed to attend all Kannaway calls – simply look for the call schedule in Kannaway’s weekly emails (You’ll find the “opt-in” in the Kannaway Back-Office – go to www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for the Back Office Quick Start Guide). Also, be sure to follow Kannaway on your favorite social media platform. Go to www.mfinityglobal.com/kannaway for links.

12. Will our Mfinity Calls, Webinars, & Virtual Events still take place?
Yes, however, we will be making some changes to our weekly schedule over the course of October. Here’s what we can tell you right now:

Health, Wealth, & Time Freedom Leadership Calls: These quick morning calls are designed to give you a quick shot of leadership and self-development whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, on the go, or at the end of your day.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 12PM ET/9AM PT
Dial in direct: 206-806-9563

Kannaway LIVE!: These weekly webinars are your “peek behind the curtain” at Kannaway. Updates. Promotions. Recognition. Get Plugged in, stay plugged in!

Wednesdays at 4PM ET/1PM PT
Streams direct to Kannaway Corporate Facebook page and Kannaway Entrepreneur Group Page.

Kannaway Opportunity Webinar (Zoom): As much a training for current Ambassadors as it is a presentation for prospective Customers and new Ambassadors, these weekly Zoom webinars are a great opportunity to share the Kannaway and Mfinity story and stay current with the latest product and compensation information.

Thursdays at 3PM ET/6PM PT
Private Zoom webinar open to all Ambassadors as well as prospective Customers and Ambassadors. Zoom link may vary, check emails and blog for updates.

Mfinity MasterClass: This is your, your customers, and fellow Ambassadors opportunity to hear directly from the experts. As the name implies, this monthly LIVE stream will provide you with additional education on all things product, opportunity, and leadership!

First Tuesday of each month at 9PM ET/6PM PT
Streams direct to Kannaway Corporate Facebook page and Kannaway Entrepreneur Group Page.

Kannaway MFIT LIVE!: This weekly livestream, hosted by MFIT celebrity coaches Owen McKibbin and Kristy Mills includes Product and fat loss tips, tricks, and plateau busters. Billed as all things Fat Loss, Fitness, and Core Health, MFIT LIVE! puts the products IN, and takes the guilt OUT of your new fat burning lifestyle!

Fridays at 12PM ET/9AM PT
Streams direct to Kannaway Corporate Facebook page and Kannaway MFIT Challenge Group Page.

Kannaway Leadership LIVE!: Leadership training, just at a higher level. This invitation only zoom is where top leaders get vision and perspective from the President and his special guests. More than a sneak peek, it’s a glimpse of things to come.

3rd Monday of the month at 2PM ET/11AM PT
Invitation only webinar (Zoom). Login link distributed prior to start time.

13. What changes will I see on my Credit or Debit Card Statement?
As of October 3rd, 2022, all product purchases and any other charges will show up on your Credit or Debit Card statement(s) as Kannaway/Mfinity. If you have any questions regarding any individual charges, please contact Distributor and Customer Support at support@kannaway.com for information prior to questioning or challenging any transactions.

14. How do I contact Customer Service for questions?
For a time, you can call the Mfinity Ambassador and Customer support line at 801-679-4792. It is highly recommended that all Mfinity family members continue to use this number to be automatically routed to the support team you are accustomed to. You may also continue to use the Mfinity support system via email at support@mfinityglobal.com. Once we are “over the hump” with the integration, we’ll discontinue Mfinity email and text support and move all support to Kannaway’s systems. You will, however, be able to continue using the Mfinity Global Customer and Ambassador telephone support number, as it will become part of the Kannaway system. You’ll discover, as your corporate team has, that Kannaway’s distributor support team is top-notch and eager to assist you in growing your business.

As we move forward, here is Kannaway’s Customer and Ambassador support information:

  • Support Methods and Hours:
    • Support via email: support@kannaway.com
      English only
      Monday thru Friday 9AM – 5PM Pacific Time
  • International support via email:
    • supporteurope@kannaway.com
    • ofrenchsupport@kannaway.com
    • ogermansupport@kannaway.com
    • oczechsupport@kannaway.com
    • opolishsupport@kannaway.com
    • ohungariansupport@kannaway.com
    • oslovaksupport@kannaway.com
    • ospanishsupport@kannaway.com
    • oportugesesupport@kannaway.com
    • ojapansupport@kannaway.com
    • ohksupport@kannaway.com
  • Support via chat: (use yellow chat button in the lower right portion of the kannaway.com home page)
    • All languages
    • Monday thru Friday 12AM (midnight) – 5PM Pacific Time.
  • Support via text: send text messages to 858-500-3144
    • English only
    • Monday thru Friday 9AM – 5PM Pacific Time
  • Support via telephone: dial (858) 500-3144
    • English only
    • Monday thru Friday 9AM – 5PM Pacific Time
    • Telephone support includes added flexibility, including voicemail and call-back. If all representatives are busy, you may choose from three options:
      • Press 1 to leave a voicemail.
      • Press 2 to request a callback. Saves your spot in the queue without waiting on the phone. We’ll call you when an agent is available.
      • Wait on the phone line for the next available agent.

In closing, we would like to thank not only our new associates in Kannaway, but our Mfinity family of Ambassadors that have placed their faith and trust in us over the years. Rest assured that this is a giant leap forward for all of you in your quest to bring Muscadine to the WORLD! Time is of the essence. We must continue to introduce our products and our opportunity to even more people around the globe. It all starts with you and the next empowering conversation you have, showing someone somewhere a better way to greater Health, Wealth, & Time Freedom!