Juice Up Your Income in July

July 5

With MFINITY Global’s new lucrative compensation system, now is time to Juice Up Your Check! It’s easy when you have the world’s best antioxidant and income opportunity.

How to Juice Up Your INCOME

  1. Starter Pack Bonuses – Earn $50 – $443 on EVERY Starter Product Pack you personally enroll. PLUS, get paid $6 – $140 on Starter Packs enrolled in your team!
  2. Residual Bonuses – Earn 2% to 10% on Autoship and other orders in your team.* Paid to you month after month, year after year!
  3. Lifestyle Rewards – Get paid $300 – $1000 extra every month to help Juice Up your lifestyle! Perfect for a new car, boat, house, or whatever else you want!
  4. Global Pools – Get paid your share of one of 4 Global Leadership Pools. Each includes 3% of company sales* and is split equally with qualified leaders!

Become a MFINITY Top Performer (MTP) in July

BUILD A BUNCH of 3 Starter Product Packs and get lucrative bonuses and exclusive recognition in July as you build your business!

Build your FIRST Bunch and get:

  • Get $150 – $1329 in Starter Pack bonuses!
  • Get an exclusive Mfinity Top Producer Cap!
  • Get featured on the MTP Leaderboard!

Don’t stop there, get more BUNCHES for more $$$ and more recognition! PLUS, receive DOUBLE QV on every Starter Pack sold in July!

  • Residual bonuses pay down 7 levels and Global Pools are a percentage of companywide BV.


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