Join the MFIT Challenge!

April 6

The new MFIT Challenge will be starting before you know it, and now is the time to get ready by signing up and becoming part of a team!

The MFIT Challenge is an incredible opportunity to take control of your health and start living the life you’ve always wanted. With our unique combination of world-class products, a proven exercise system, and experienced coaches, MFIT is helping people of all ages to see incredible results!

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or just be more active than you are now, MFIT has a place for you. MFIT also has an amazing community who are committed to lifting you up and helping you achieve your goals. Come join the challenge today individually or as part of a team!

Here are a few details to help you get started:

First off, if you participated in the 2022 New You MFIT Challenge you don’t need to register again. You’ll be getting an email in the next couple of days asking you to update your goals, but all of your other information will be carried over.

If you are a new participant you’ll need to register for the challenge using the ‘join the challenge now’ link on the MFIT Challenge page.

If you’re a captain you can register your team and sign up team members by going to the ‘start a team’ link, also on the MFIT Challenge page. We’ve updated the form so you can sign up your entire team at once now, making it easier than ever.

We encourage you to get signed up and teams registered as soon as you can so you can be ready to hit this next challenge running. If you have any questions please reach out to


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