Java Box Mfluencer Flyer and Media Kit

June 1

We have a new tool to help you ramp up your business and help others to discover this amazing opportunity! We have a new flyer that goes over the new Java Box and how you can use it to ramp up your business as an Mfluencer.

The flyer talks about Java Boost, MFINITY, Muscadine, and our best-in-the-business compensation plan. This is a great resource to share with those you know who may want to become an Mfluencer and promote the power of Java Boost and the MFINITY opportunity, and we encourage you to check it out in your back office today.

We also released a new Media Kit for Java Boost, which is an incredible tool to help share the power of Java Boost. The Kit includes, images, branding, and information about Java Boost that makes it ideal for creating content on social media. There’s also a new flyer that goes over how to effectively use the Media Kit, and both are available in your back office.


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