It’s time to Transform Your Life!

September 13

Whether you want to gain health, lose weight, get fit, or become financially FREE, The MFIT Challenge will help you transform your life!

As a participant, you’ll experience professional coaching, powerful products, a motivating community, individual team support, recognition, and serious progress towards your best body.

The MFIT FALL Challenge runs Sep 20th – Dec 19th. 

Get all the details and sign up now at

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve tried to become healthier, lose weight, or get fit time and time again. What will make this time any different?

This time you have the support of a group of people who have not only been there, but they have come out slimmer, stronger, and with a healthy lifestyle as well! This community knows how to help you through the tough temptations and will empower you to achieve your goals.

Owen McKibbin and Kristy Kaminski are professional models, athletes, health advocates, and personal trainers. Whatever your focus, they will teach you the mindset and skills you need to accomplish your goals. After helping thousands of individuals transform their lives, they know what works and now it’s your turn!

Get all the details at and sign up today!


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