Introducing ‘The President’s Club’

April 7

Join Mfinity’s elite leaders and business builders in our all new President’s Club. As a member, you will enjoy monthly recognition and exclusive member benefits including:

  • Special recognition and leaderboard
  • Invitation to the monthly President’s Call (with guest)
  • President’s Club gifts, logo wear, and perks
  • Exclusive receptions and events

How to qualify

To qualify as a President’s Club member, you must achieve the paid rank of Sapphire or higher with 10%-20% month over month GQV growth and 1-3 MTP Pts. Qualifications for and invitations to President’s Club are made monthly.

Paid RankTeam Growth (GQV)Personal Efforts
Sapphire20%3 MTP pts
Ruby – Emerald15%2 MTP pts
Diamond+10%1 MTP pts

An MTP Pt is made with the enrollment of new Customers or Mfluencers with a Timeless Box or Starter Pack.

April Only: Become an inaugural member with only 10% GQV growth at paid ranks Sapphire and higher!


Sue had 7500 GQV last month and achieved the rank of Ruby. Normally, Sue would need to achieve 15% GQV growth (a total of 9000 GQV) and 2 MTP Pts. But as part of April, Sue could qualify for President’s Club membership with just 8250 GQV (10% growth) and 2 MTP Pts.

Don’t miss opportunity to be part of this exclusive group!


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