How Do You Mfluence?

January 11

Are you excited to be an MFINITY influencer, or ‘Mfluencer’? It’s easy! We’ve put together an amazing product package, The Timeless Box, that includes two of our most popular health and skincare products. The benefits of Muscadine are nearly infinite (or ‘Mfinite’), and as an Mfluencer you’ll simply share the experiences you have with MFINITY Boost Capsules and MFINITY Oil.

The first step is to purchase a timeless box and create a short unboxing video you can share on your social media feed and via the MFINITY Share App. You can talk about what you’ve learned about MFINITY Boost and MFINITY Oil, what health benefits you’re most excited for, what you like about the packaging, etc. We’ve included a few sample videos so you can get an idea of what others have done.

The second step is to share your video on your social platforms with the hashtags #Mfinity and #TimelessBox and direct your audience to your Timeless Webpage at [username] to purchase. Don’t forget to mention the special pricing you have of over 33% off!

The last step is for you to get your $50 commission on every Timeless box purchased from your website. It may take some people multiple videos before they are ready purchase, so be sure to continue to post your experience and results using these two remarkable products.


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