Have you lost your MFIT10?

October 20

Did you know that the average amount of weight lost in the MFIT Challenge after just a few weeks is 10 lbs?!

If you’ve lost weight during the 2021 MFIT Fall Challenge, it’s time to celebrate! Post your MFIT10 (or your corresponding weight loss number) square on social Media with #MFIT10, and you’ll be entered into a weekly drawing for $10 of FREE product credit!

Where do you get your MFIT10 square? You share it via the MFINITY Share App or save one of the images below:


Q: When should I post my MFIT10 square?

A: Post your square as soon as you match the weight loss of the square for the Current Challenge.

Q: Should I post about my experience with MFIT too?

A: Yes! We’d love to hear you share how the program is helping you achieve your health goals.

Q: Do I use the #MFIT10 hastag even if I am posting an MFIT5 or MFIT20 square?

A: Yes, use #MFIT10 on every post, even if it is more or less than 10 lbs. This makes it easy for MFINITY and others to search for #MFIT10 and find all the experiences that have been posted.

Q: What do I need to be entered into the weekly drawing?

A: Just post your MFIT10 square, experience, a #MFIT10 on your social media page. Please note, this should be on a public page or group other than the MFIT Facebook Group and other MFINITY Pages.


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