Fall 2021 MFIT Elite Captains!

January 6

We couldn’t have done the 2021 Fall MFIT without our incredible captains and coaches. These individuals showed exemplary leadership and used their experience to help others accomplish their goals during the challenge. Have you participated in the MFIT Challenge before? We would love for you to share your leadership and experience by signing up as a captain!

The 2022 New You MFIT Challenge is already underway and if you haven’t signed up yet now is a great time to do so! No matter where you’re at on your journey to better health, the MFIT System has all of the training, support, products, and experience to help you live the life you’ve always wanted. Sign up or become a coach today on the challenge webpage.

Jennifer Winder
Kathie Frank
Leroy Windfield
Amanda Seech
Dori Miesse


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