Earn 50% MORE as a MTP

October 18

Just announced on October 16th, when you become an MTP with 3 newly enrolled starter packs in October, November, or December, you get 50% more in Starter Pack bonuses for that month.

Here’s how it works

Enroll three new Starter Packs in a month and you qualify as an MFINITY Top Producer (MTP) for that month. When that happens, you receive a 50% match on all Starter Packs you enroll that month. Here’s how much you earn:

Basic Starter Pack Bonus = $50.00 regularly => $75.00 MTP

Super Starter Pack Bonus = $87.50 regularly => $131.25 MTP

Ultimate Starter Pack Bonus = $175 regularly => $262.50

This promotion will run through December 31st. 50% MTP Match pays on newly enrolled starter packs within the month.


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