Don’t miss out on your MTPL Jacket!

August 5

What is MTPL? It stands for MFINITY Top Producer Leader and it happens when you MulTiPLy your efforts by teaching others.

MTPLs are do-it-first leaders who achieve MTP status themselves for the month, and then help at least one of their new personally enrolled Ambassadors to achieve MTP too! When you are an MTPL, you see your business, and your check, MULTIPLY!

How To Get Your MTPL Jacket

  1. Qualify as MTP in August (3 new personally enrolled Starter Packs)
  2. Help one of your new August enrolled Ambassadors achieve MTP in August
  3. That’s it!

As an MTPL, you’ll receive special recognition on the MTP Leaderboard. You’ll also start to maximize your weekly and monthly checks from MFINITY. As an MTPL you’ll also receive your exclusive MTPL jacket (shipped the following month).

We can’t wait to recognize you as an MTPL! Check out our current MTPLs on the MTP Leaderboard.


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