Discover the Question that Makes Millions

June 8

The Summer Rally is only a few weeks away and we’re pumped for the incredible training that will be a part of the event.

Ray Higdon is an expert in this industry and has agreed to spend his time with us during the Summer Rally to teach, train, inspire, and help everyone in attendance to learn and grow so they can achieve new breakthroughs with their businesses.

One topic that will be covered by Ray during the Rally is the secret to making millions of dollars with this business model. Ray says that he learned to ask a very specific question that helped his business to skyrocket, and he’ll be sharing all about it at the event.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for the Summer Rally already be sure to do that this week! The early bird discount for the tickets ends on Friday, so don’t miss out on the opportunity so save. For more info on the event check out the Summer Rally webpage.


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