MFIT Warrior Recognition – June 2nd

June 2

We have a large group of individuals who achieved Warrior status this week! Those who achieve Warrior have earned 850 points and are well on their way to achieving their health and lifestyle goals. The next step from here is to continue pushing through on to Champion, so keep up the great work!

Core Health Warriors

Esther Faison
Florine McCandless
Kaylene Silvester
Marcus Southern
Michele Morris
Paty Martin
Terrence Dickenson

Fat Loss Warriors

Charlotte Tweed
Cindy Atwood
Dori Miesse
Jim Prudhomme
Jr. Farfan
Julie Lewis
Nay Vaughan
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Bruley
Sue Forsberg
Wendy Olinger

Fitness Warriors

Christopher Washington
Craig Marshall
Melissa Farfan
Patricia McDaniel
Tim Harris


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