MFIT Warrior Recognition – June 9th

June 9

We have a great group of individuals who achieved Warrior status this week! Those who achieve Warrior have earned 850 points and are well on their way to achieving their health and lifestyle goals. The next step from here is to continue pushing through on to Champion, so keep up the great work!

Core Health Warriors

Brenda Dolan
Carole Tayo
Linda Cobleigh
Lisa Kelly
Regina Wiley
Scott Jurgensmeier
Sherri Kinyon

Fat Loss Warriors

Annette Hanley
Brenda Vinson
Connie Rolfe
Elena Hawkins
Frances Lundy
Idamay Wheat
Judy Marshall
Monique Brown
Paul Russo
Randy Chidister
Renee Brown
Sarah Howard
Sherry Keys
Shirley Green
Suzie Russo
Tessa Kauffman

Fitness Warriors

Amanda Seech
Anestine Etienne
Blanca Chavira
Cheryl Morand
Mechelle Smith
Monique Dickenson
Nicole Johnson
Rubina Rawlins


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