MFIT Rookie Recognition – May 26th

May 26

We have a great group of new Rookies to recognize today, and we’re so proud of the things each of you are accomplishing on your journeys to better health and longevity.

Reaching Rookie means that you’ve consistently applied the MFIT System and have earned yourself a spot on the recognition board. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, just keep up the work you’ve been doing and you’ll reach it in no time!

Your next step is to continue on your journey and achieve Warrior at 850 individual points. Here are our new Rookies this week!

Core Health Rookies

Brenda Dolan
Levine Joiner
Lucille Washington
Regina Wiley
Samantha McDonald
Shar-Ron Hewitt Hewitt
Susan Browning
Wesley Taylor

Fat Loss Rookies

Amy Gadbaw
Annette Hanley
Brenda Hughes
Brenda Vinson
Claudette Noble
Deborah Edge
Dora Colon-Rodriguez
Elena Hawkins
Emily Simonton
Eyvette Turner
Jaquan Gatling
Jim Prudhomme
Judy Marshall
Julie Stratton
Kimberly Moore
Monique Brown
Monique Vaughn
Phyllis Neagoy
Pilar DeJesus
Randy Chidister
Raven Curry
Regina Smith
Sherry Keys
Shirley Green
Steven Brown
Tammy Garcia
Teresa Cooper
Tien Reid
Tracy Biehl
Tracy Murphy Murphy
Vincent Vaughan

Fitness Rookies

Andre Vaughn
Anestine Etienne
Creola Jones
M. Darlene Carson
Mike Hall
Monique Dickenson
Natasha Riley Applewhite
Pamela Dickenson
Raynan Willie


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