MFIT Recognition – October 6

October 6

Let’s do some MFIT Recognition! Congratulations to all of our participants who hit the level of Warrior and Champion!

If you’re not on the board yet, don’t worry, just keep up the work you’ve been doing and you’ll reach it in no time! Remember, the MFIT Challenge is designed to help you make lasting changes, so be patient with yourself and never stop moving forward.


Core Health

Gigi Belmonico
Nay Vaughan
Sherri Kinyon

Fat Loss

Esther Faison
Gwendolyn Arceneaux
IdaMay Wheat
Janet Smith
Kendra Lancaster
Michele Ota
Randy Chidister
Susan Browning


Anestine Etienne
Brenda Dolan
Cheryl Morand
Craig Marshall


Fat Loss

Alysa Vigus
Darlene Carruthers-Shelton


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