MFIT Recognition – September 16

September 16

Let’s do some MFIT Recognition! Congratulations to all of our participants who hit the level of Warrior!

If you’re not on the board yet, don’t worry, just keep up the work you’ve been doing and you’ll reach it in no time! Remember, the MFIT Challenge is designed to help you make lasting changes, so be patient with yourself and never stop moving forward.


Core Health

April Sullivan
Dori Miesse
Gigi Belmonico
Jolene Onorati
Kaylene Silvester
Linda Cobleigh
Mary Francella
Melissa Farfan
Michael Butler
Michele Sullivan
Monique Dickenson
Paty Martin 
Regina Wiley 
Samantha Davis
Samantha McDonald
Scott Jurgensmeier
Sherri Kinyon
Stacey Hooper
Terrence Dickenson 

Fat Loss

Amy Caires
Brenda Hughes 
Brenda Vinson
Charlotte Tweed
Cindy Atwood
Debra Sandidge
Elba Plaza 
Esther Faison
Florine McCandless
Gwendolyn Arceneaux
Hokulani Fritz
IdaMay Wheat
Janet Smith
Jim Prudhomme
Judy Marshall
Julie Lewis
Julie Stratton
Kendra Lancaster
Kristi Nelson
Mariko Imamura-Caires
Michele Ota
Monique Brown
Pamela Bruley
Randy Chidister 
Regina smith
Rubina Rawlins 
Shannon Kilgore
Shellie Cholke
shirley green
Sue Forsberg
Susan Browning
Tammy Garcia
Tessa Kauffman
Ubelia Huerta
Wendy Olinger


Amanda Seech
Anestine Etienne
Blanca Chavira
Brenda Dolan
Cheryl Morand
Christopher Washington
Craig Marshall
Ezinne Nnorom
Jennifer Winder
Krystal Cottman
Mechelle Smith
Mike Browning
Sherry Keys
Susan Babi
Tim Harris
Victoria Harvey 


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