MFIT Recognition – July 21

July 21

It’s time for our MFIT recognition again! The individuals who have reached the Rookie, Warrior, or Champion levels have consistently applied the MFIT System and have earned themselves a spot on the recognition board.

If you’re not on the board yet, don’t worry, just keep up the work you’ve been doing and you’ll reach it in no time! Remember, the MFIT Challenge is designed to help you make lasting changes, so be patient with yourself and never stop moving forward.


Core Health
Shakera Washington

Fat Loss
Julie Stratton
Marcy Owens
Shelby Loo
Tawanda Shannon
Ubelia Huerta

Creola Jones
Felicia Loper
Rannica Willie
Raynan Willie


Core Health
Lisa Kelly
Scott Jurgensmeier

Fat Loss
Annette Hanley
Hokulani Fritz

Kristi Nelson
Mike Browning
Victoria Harvey


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