Bring a FRIEND, get a SHIRT

April 6

MFIT is the best proven system to transform health. We’ve helped thousands of people tens of thousands of pounds of weight. We would like to now help MILLIONS of people and we need your help!

The next MFIT Challenge begins April 18th, if you’re willing to help share, we have a fun offer for you.

We’re designing a new MFIT Shirt that we think you’ll love, and we’ve got a way you can get it FREE. From now through April 18th, share MFIT with your friends and invite them to join the Challenge. When they join you get:

  • 1 new MFIT Participant with a Starter Pack – 25% off your new MFIT Shirt
  • 2 new MFIT Participants with Starter Packs – 50% off your new MFIT Shirt
  • 3 new MFIT Participants with Starter Packs – FREE new MFIT Shirt!

Want a customized Team MFIT Shirt?

If you’re on a team, we’ll make a way for you to add your Team name to your shirt for only $5. Here’s how it works.

Just help fill your team with at least 4 new MFIT members with Starter Packs*. Your entire team can choose to add their Team name to their new MFIT Shirt!

The MFIT Challenge is better than ever and we are excited to help many more people find Mfinite Health. Thank you for your help getting the word out about MFIT!


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