Boost IT Summer Team Recognition

September 7

The 2021 Boost IT Summer Challenge was a HUGE success! Congratulations to all of our Champions, Grand Champions, and Elite Captains!

Elite Captains

Amanda Jones
Kristi Nelson
Michele Morris
Julie Lewis

Honorary Coaches

Amanda Jones
Coyan Lewis
Craig Marshall
Judy Marshall

Fat Loss

Grand Champions
Erica Owens
Hokulani Fritz
Darlene Carson
Linda Cobleigh
Debra Sandidge


Grand Champions
Kathie Frank
Monique Dickenson
Darlene James
Victoria Harvey
Julia Sratton

Core Health

Grand Champions
Erin Taylor
Tonya Fulton
Cindy Atwood
Kaylene Silvester
Paty Martin

The Boost IT Fall Challenge begins September 20. Get full details at


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